ZIONSECURITY offers information security governance, risk management and compliance services, executed by a substantial team of senior Business Information Security experts with vast experience and a proven track record in various industry segments.

Our team of ethical hackers is able to identify vulnerabilities in any application and network infrastructure. We developed a specific methodology to perform security assessments in a uniform and consistent way.

To close the gap between detecting, fixing and retesting vulnerabilities in your web applications and infrastructure, we scan your web applications and networks at regular intervals. We find vulnerabilities, propose a solution to your development team and prove that they were resolved by verifying the solution.

We offer a Security-as-a-Service for web applications through the use of Web Application Firewalls (WAF) running on a Content Delivery Network in the cloud. We help you manage web application firewalls or XML security gateways either on-premise or in your private cloud.

Our application security experts help you to secure your development lifecycle: coaching, training of developers, automated code review with managed services from Checkmarx, ... All what is needed to produce secure code!

In our gamma we have a wide variety in security training solutions and will come on premise to teach you about the latest trends and techniques. On request we can tailor a training to your company's needs.