At ZIONSECURITY we offer companies a security advisor on demand to develop a strategy. Our experts have over a decade in experience aiding them in developing and guiding your company towards the most optimal security strategy.

What we can offer you in a nutshell:

  • Better coordination of your security environment based on the needs of your company
  • Faster and more conform decisionmaking in a constantly changing security landscape
  • Better support and guidance of your in-house IT security team

From analysis to full management

  • Analysis of your infrastructure
    • Investigation of your current situation
    • Study of existing technology
    • Detect vulnerabilities and identify your IT system's weak points
  • Develop a security architecture
    • select hardware/software suited to your needs
    • Implement and integrate the security architecture in your company
  • Advise on sensibility training for your employees
  • Security Support and Managed Security available

From analysis to full management

Process Oriented approach

  • Choice of complete architecture approach instead of a technical ad-hoc solution
  • Continuous process monitoring and adjustments
    • Prevention: make sure threats are prevented
    • Detection: detect risks and threats
    • recovery: recover after threats have been detected in your company


Wombat security delivers software­-based cyber security awareness and training solutions and helps your employees understand the risks associated with poor cyber hygien
Thycotic password management software offers permissioned users secure access to passwords and other privileged information. Ongoing feature development ensures the software is always up to the demands of world-class enterprises.
Know which users are putting your business at risk, ObserveIT provices the Visibility & User Context You Need To Detect & Prevent Insider Threats