Financial institutions

Trusteer delivers secure browsing solutions that protect financial institutions and their customers from online fraud committed by financial malware and phishing attacks throughout the online banking process and beyond.

Protect the point of attack - Rapport locks down the browser and creates a safe tunnel for communication between the customer and their financial institution, preventing fraud. A light-weight security software that downloads onto the customer's computer in minutes, Rapport works in the background and doesn't call for a change in user behavior.

Investigate incidents and identify their source to mitigate fraud - Trusteer Flashlight enables financial institutions to perform ongoing risk analysis and investigate malware related fraud incidents easily and quickly. Using Flashlight, financial institutions can definitively determine malware variants committing fraud and use recommendations provided to block them.


Detect and Block Threats on Unmanaged Devices Accessing your Enterprise Applications

The enterprise is increasingly becoming a target of sophisticated, stealthy new malware that uses the enterprise's own employees, partners and contractors as avenues of attack. These parties access enterprise applications using a variety of potentially infected endpoint devices not managed by the enterprise.

Trusteer Secure Web Access blocks threats from unmanaged endpoint devices. It kicks in when employees, contractors, or partners try to connect to one of the enterprise's web applications. It immediately assesses the endpoint looking for presence of malware and vulnerabilities.

High-risk endpoint devices are banned from connecting to sensitive enterprise applications. Trusteer Secure Web Access then removes any high-risk malware from the endpoint and applies layers of protection around the browser to prevent any potential threat from getting access to sensitive corporate information or traffic. The service is available for Windows and Mac as well as tablets and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Enterprises rely on Trusteer Secure Web Access as it:

  • Secures access to enterprise applications from desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Protects against Malware, Man-in-the-Middle and Phishing attacks
  • Allows access to enterprise applications only when the endpoint is risk free
  • Is deployable in days
  • Includes automated investigation by fraud analysts 24x7
  • Is transparent to employees, no change in user experience or behavior