Qualys has been founded in 1999 and is headquarted in the USA with branch offices in China, France, Germany, Japan, the UAE and the UK. More than 5.000 organizations in 85 countries rely on the technology of Qualys for an aggregate of over 500 million IP audits per year.

ZIONSECURITY selected Qualys for their innovative Software-as-a-Service technology, called the QualysGuard Security and Compliance Suite. This technology provides an industry leading vulnerability management service with a robust IT compliance solution, comprehensive web application scanning and malware detection services.

Using the QualysGuard Suite, organizations are able to:

  • Define policies to establish a secure IT infrastructure
  • Automate security assessments and manage vulnerability risks on systems and applications effectively
  • Mitigate risk and eliminate threats utilizing the most trusted vulnerability management application in the industry
  • Monitor and measure IT compliance from one unified console (saving time and reducing costs)
  • Distribute custom security and compliance reports

Furthermore, ZIONSECURITY utilizes the Qualys Secure Seal solution which scans your website(s) for the presence of malware, network and web application vulnerabilities, as well as SSL certificate validation. When the website is considered as safe, a secure seal is displayed on your website.

The QualysGuard IT Security and Compliance Suite is available as an Enterprise Edition for large, distributed organizations and as an Express Edition for small to mid-sized businesses.