for User Activity Monitoring: Get Compliant with Citrix, SSH and RDP Recording

What ObserveIT Does

  • Captures video recording of all user activity
  • Generates textual audit logs for every app (even apps that have no internal logging!)
  • Identifies shared-account users ('admin') and detects identity theft

Key Features

  • Intelligent audit logs: Video logs and Textual metadata logs for every user action, including legacy apps, cloud and commercial software, and apps with no internal logging
  • Record & Replay: Precise forensic investigation that shows visually exactly what the user did
  • Identity Management Suite: Tie generic 'administrator' logins to specific named user and detect identity theft
  • SIEM Integration: Simple tie-in of intelligent log data for any SIEM, Log Management and System Monitor platform
  • Policy messaging: Satisfies policy training compliance regulation

How it Works

  • ObserveIT identifies any new server session, and associates the session with a specific user
  • During the session, all user actions on screen are recorded for video replay
  • Detailed textual metadata logs list every app, resource or CLI command that the user ran
  • Canned compliance reports show all actions, with links to video replay for further clarification

How does ObserveIT work

See exactly what users are doing:

  • Edit System Files
  • Change OS Settings
  • Run an SQL query
  • Download File from the Internet
  • Send Files to FTP Server
  • Change source code in Visual Studio
  • Send Email
  • Open or Edit Excel spreadsheets
  • Access shared folders
  • Login to application
  • Delete file
  • Start SAP transaction
  • View Customer Detail page in CRM or ERP
  • Access specific URL
  • and more...