MYDIGIPASS.COM helps you to secure access to your websites . Adding an additional security device on top of your password protects your online accounts from hackers who want your identity and credentials.

On the MYDIGIPASS.COM launch pad you can quickly access all your online accounts by using a portable device, such as your smartphone or tablet PC on which you install our two-factor authentication software. Your device is then ready to generate one-time passwords which you use as a second password. If you don't have a smartphone, VASCO also provides hardware devices that generate a one-time password. This way you can securely access your online assets without having to worry about remembering multiple complex passwords that need to change every month.


One place to access all your websites. MYDIGIPASS.COM provides a launch pad where you can quickly access all your favorite websites. No need to remember the exact url, username and password anymore.

The MYDIGIPASS.COM launch padis a safe andsingle point of accessfor all your secured accounts and applications. At the same time, it allows you toorganizeyour favorite sites as you see fit. You can easilybookmarkand securely access any website from MYDIGIPASS.COM.


All you need is a computer , tablet PC or smartphone with an Internet connection to safely access your online assets and favorite websites from anywhere, anytime.

You can start MYDIGIPASS.COM from our client software on your tablet or smartphone. The one-time password is generated and prefilled by the MYDIGIPASS.COM client. All you need is to enter the static password.


Both access to MYDIGIPASS.COM and the client software for smartphones are free.

Our application is totally free and can be downloaded from your device's App Store.

If you have an Iphone or Android, go to your device's App Store and look for "MYDIGIPASS.COM". Follow the on-screen instructions to install it on your device. As soon as you installed the app, sign up for an account to get started.

No IPhone or android? Just enter you mobile phone number in the sign up process and we'll send you the link to our client software by text message.