Ca Technologies

Bridge the gap between IT and the business.

Help your users to help themselves. Through a simple, business-oriented interface, your business users can easily request access and perform self-service, while your managers can approve or certify access in a way that improves their overall productivity. Plus, you have industry-leading provisioning and governance capabilities that help you easily ensure that all users have the correct access. This means you are no longer forced to choose between usability and security--you can have both.

Simplify the user experience

An intuitive, business-oriented experience can help you dramatically simplify the process of managing user identities, access requests and approvals.

Improve productivity

Keep pace with the growth of your business by automating identity processes to increase operational efficiencies and replace costly, error-prone manual processes.

Avoid "entitlement creep"

Ongoing automated certification and risk analysis of user access help you identify overlapping and unnecessary entitlements so you can remediate policy violations quickly.