The 2nd of February 2018 our annual security conference takes place

Our annual customer conference takes again place in the oldest Stella Artois Brewery in Leuven, De Hoorn.

This year we have selected experts in the domain of secure development, internet of things, justice, terrorism forensics, the dark side of the Internet and of course hacking! Speakers from the UK, The Netherlands, India and Belgium will share their knowledge on how we can or if we can win the race against the radicals in the world.

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Opening of the pit
Welcome by Erwin Geirnaert
Vrouwe Justitia en de robotrechter: een droomkoppel of een verstandshuwelijk by Judge Kathleen Stinckens
Ethical Hacker by Ruben Van Vreeland
Coffee break and race time
The chronicles of an announced disaster by Dr. Wim Develter
SecDevOps by Daniel Cuthbert
IoT Exploitation in 2018 by Adity Gupta
Coffee break and race time
GDPR - the ZION way by Erwin Geirnaert
Radicals Chasing Utopia by Jamie Bartlett



  • Dr. Wim Develter

    "Dr. Wim Develter is a forensic pathologist for over 15 years, he participated in many missions with the Belgian and Dutch Disaster Identification Team. Since the Thai tsunami mass disaster in 2004 there has been a remarkable evolution in the identification process. Recent terror attacks meant new challenges and interactions to maintain a solid, fast and correct identification process with respect to the necessary security measures and the judicial framework."
  • Judge Kathleen Stinckens

    "Do we need robot judges? Lady justice and the robot judge: a match made in heaven or a marriage of convenience?"
  • Jamie Bartlett (UK)

    "Jamie Bartlett is the author of The Dark Net, an examination of the hidden corners of the internet, its strange subcultures, and the protagonists that inhabit it – from trolls, Bitcoin miners, political extremists and members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, to pornographers, drug dealers, computer scientists and neo-Nazis.

    In researching his book, Jamie spent a substantial amount of time embedded with these characters, comparing their real life personas with their online avatars. The Dark Net offers a startling glimpse of human nature under the conditions of freedom and anonymity, and shines a light on an enigmatic and ever-changing world."
  • Daniel Cuthbert (UK)

    "Developing software without vulnerabilities is hard. The classic game of "cat and mouse" exists between those developing software and those trying to hack them. Currently there are multiple approaches aimed at making software more secure, but are these really working? Perhaps we need to evaluate the way we approach software security. In this talk we look at how we can "bake" security into the SDLC in such a way that security is an inherent outcome of the SDLC. Using existing tools, techniques and procedures from both the hacking and SDLC worlds, we look at how these can be applied using the SecDevOps philosophy."
  • Adity Agupta (India)

    "2017 was the year of hundreds of new Internet of Things and smart devices being introduced to the market. It was also the year where a number of serious security issues were discovered in everything ranging from ICS to medical devices to dishwashers and refrigerators.

    In this talk, Aditya will shed light on the techniques used to find vulnerabilities in IoT devices and pentest them effectively. It will walk you through the various components of an Internet of Things infrastructure and how each of those component could fall vulnerable to different security issues. "
  • Ruben Van Vreeland (NL)

    "Ethical Hacker. Advised for LinkedIn, Ebay, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Marktplaats.nl. Started programming at the age of 9, developed a software application for questionnaires for his primary school, worked as a security consultant after breaking all web applications at secondary school from 14 years old. While doing consultancy, worked as a programmer at a web development company from the age of 15 onwards. Speaker at Hack In The Box/HAXPO on advanced XSS."
  • Erwin Geirnaert

    "In May 2018 every organisation in the world has to be compliant with the new GDPR. As software security specialist the principles in the regulation are nothing new. At the first ZIONCONF in 2015, Patrick Van Eecke from DLA Piper already predicted that 'privacy will be the new green'. For years we recommend to always implement Security by Design and Security by default. Privacy is IMHO a subset of security, everybody that works in cybersecurity knows the CIA and I don't mean the Trump spies but Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA). During this presentation I will present you the ZION way of tackling GDPR compliancy using secure development principles, insider threat monitoring, user awareness and a pragmatic approach. After all, it's all about the data and the access to that data, via APIs, web apps, database tools and smart devices."



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