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Our consultants are experts in IT and security and have years of experience executing projects for large, medium and small enterprises. Thanks to our broad experience in IT we offer pragmatic solutions.


ZIONSECURITY was founded in 2005 by Erwin Geirnaert and Jessica Nieuwdorp.

SecureLink invested in October 2015 in ZIONSECURITY by acquiring a majority of the shares.


Erwin Geirnaert

Chief Hacking Officer

Erwin Geirnaert is a Master of Science in Computer Science from the University of Ghent, Belgium. He is specialized in information security. He obtained different international certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional from ISC2 and Certified Information Systems Auditor from ISACA. He is a respected authority in the field of application security and has years of experience in securing e-business architectures.

Wouter Winters

Chief Operating Officer

Wouter has a post-graduate degree in corporate economics and management and built up 10 year of experience in the ICT sector. He started in sales and account management and grew towards management positions focussing on his ability to work closely with people and has a passionate interest in digital technology, business transformation and operational efficiency. Wouter joined ZIONSECURITY in January 2017 as Chief Operating Officer and is reponsible for the daily operations of the company.

Laurens Vanbets


Laurens Vanbets graduated from the KULeuven as a Master in Business Communication. After his studies, in November 2016, he started as Junior Sales at ZIONSECURITY. He is focused on customer licenses and supports the training sessions and workshops. In addition to his commercial skills, Laurens has also an interest in marketing and communication. Therefore he is responsible for the social media, the website and the newsletter of ZIONSECURITY.

Maarten Aerts

Application Security Expert

Maarten Aerts graduated in 2008 as a Professional Bachelor in Applied Computer Science. He worked at Ordina as a Junior Sharepoint Consultant. Maarten was hired by ZIONSECURITY as a Software Security Expert in 2009. Maarten is now specialised in Drupal Security, Sitecore Security, code review and DevOps.

Koen Vanderloock

Senior Software Security Specialist

Koen Vanderloock has 10 years of experience in secure software development. He is a GIAC Certified Web Application Defender and was the security competence team lead at a large Belgian integrator before joining ZIONSECURITY in 2014. Koen has been trained in web application security, web services security, mobile app security and his specialties are code review and helping developers on writing more secure code. Koen also is responsible for the OWASP project SIMBA (Security Integration Module for Business Applications) that provides a User Access Management system that can be integrated with any business application. The purpose of SIMBA is to secure an application fast and easy. Because SIMBA itself is generic it can be customized for every project. Many features are customizable e.g. designing your own authentication chain is easy and fast by using existing or newly created building blocks. SIMBA contains authentication, authorization, session management and a GUI to manage your security information.

Bram Ruttens

Security Expert

Bram Ruttens started working at ZIONSECURITY in September 2016 as a Security Expert. He started to practise IT security at the age of 16. As of now, he is specialized and trained in the mobile security environment and does penetration testing of mobile applications for our customers. Further more, he is also focusing on the security testing of web applications and the complementary things laying under the hood.

Cedric Viaene

Security Expert

Cedric started working at ZIONSECURITY in November 2016 as a Security Expert. He has several years of experience in security testing of web applications and infrastructure. He is active on the project called "VulnOS", which is a series of CTF's to help penetration testers enhance their skills, and is currently following the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) course. He is performing monitoring tasks and report review for clients and is determined to keep their network safe from malicious attacks.

Quinten Van Ingh

Security Expert

Justin McCarthy

Security Specialist

Justin McCarthy started his career in the military as Combat Engineer (Demining) in 2006. After a few years he became a Security and Intelligence Analyst while finishing a Bachelor in Business Computing (Analyst/Programmer). He joined ZIONSECURITY in July 2016 as Security Specialist and has been training for penetration testing on infrastructure, web and mobile applications.

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Vincent Cox

Security Expert

Vincent Cox graduated as "Master of Science in Industrial Sciences" with a major in ICT. Vincent also participated in several hackathons where his team won several awards. Vincent started his professional career at The Security Factory (owned by the Cronos group), where he obtained further experience in the area of security testing of applications. Thereafter Vincent joined Ordina. During his time at Ordina, he has learned valuable real-life experience in multinational environments and how to manage large companies' security risks and help them become more cyber security resilient. Vincent also earned the CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals certificate and is currently preparing the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exam. He also shares his knowledge by speaking at public events (Tweakers Security Meetup), performing live hacking demo's and writing blog posts.

Jo Brees

Security Specialist

Jo Brees has been working in ICT for more than 20 years. He started his career as a programmer but shifted towards systems administration after a few years. His experience covers multiple domains including security, storage, virtualization and infrastructure in both administration and production environments. Jo joined ZIONSECURITY in November 2015 as a Security Specialist, mainly performing penetration tests on infrastructure, web and mobile applications/platforms.