SecureLink takes a 100% stake in ZIONSECURITY

SecureLink - the European leader specializing in networks, virtualization, security, and data-center infrastructure solutions - has entirely taken over ZIONSECURITY. ZIONSECURITY is a specialist in securing web applications, mobile applications, and IoT environments; the execution of ethical hacking assignments; social engineering and in creatingawareness related to the protection of information and privacy.

The two market leaders have been working together for some time. SecureLink has held a majority stake of 60% ever since 2015. Jo Vander Schueren, General Manager at SecureLink Belgium: "This acquisition brings tremendous added value. It allows us to react better and faster to our clients' security needs."

ZIONSECURITY's current customers include many SMEs, but also large financial institutions, software companies, and telecom operators.

Jo Vander Schueren: "This takeover is perfectly aligned with our growth strategy. In total, ZIONSECURITY (with its 20 employees) is only a small part of SecureLink Belgium (with 175 employees), however, the total takeover is of strategic importance to us. Their knowledge centre is highly specialised and complements our teams. We will work together to improve operational matters, thus continuing to increase efficiency. Our clients will certainly sense this added value", says to Vander Schueren. "The future we envisage with ZIONSECURITY is not only Belgian. We also aim to continue the development of ZIONSECURITY as a competence centre within SecureLink Europe."

ZIONSECURITY is based in Rotselaar and will continue to operate as an independent unit within SecureLink.

The founders Erwin Geirnaert and Jessica Nieuwdorp will embark on other challenges. "We are very grateful to them for what they have achieved with their team since the company began. We wish them all the very best in their future careers", concludes Jo Vander Schueren.

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