Incapsula Drupal module

Standard caching mechanisms such as varnish offer a great deal in terms of performance. It has been built from the ground up to be a dedicated reverse proxy cache so it doesn't have legacy functionality and code, making it fast & highly responsive. While this is great for performance, this doesn't bring any extra added security. Since initial requests are still being server to the back-end this can cause for vulnerabilities to be more apparent and visible to a wider range of users because of the cache time.

Incapsula is basicly a reverse proxy that does the same as Varnish in terms of caching, however with the additional security of a web application firewall. Blocking bad requests (i.e. attacks on the web application) and caching good ones, in the same way a classic reverse proxy would.

Up until now there was no way to get these cached resources purged without logging into the Incapsula dashboard, finding your website, go to the correct tab & purge a single or all resources. We at ZIONSECURITY, have developed a module in Drupal 7 to deal with this aspect in a way that doesn't require you to log on to the Dashboard every time when menial changes happen.

When adding, updating & deleting of content or files, the right API calls are made to Incapsula to renew the caches.

This is demo information, get your API ID, API Key & Site ID from your configuration

Since Incapsula does more than just caching we have added a few security configurations that will enable you to manage them from within your Drupal application. You can add IP's to be whitelisted so that they can access your website as if there was no Web Application Firewall protecting this. This can be useful when you block access to critical pages such as your user login page & your admin pages from non-trusted IP's. The blacklisting of URLs of your application can also be done from within Drupal now.

You can blacklist IP's, which will completely block all access to the website for these. And at last, you can block complete countries and continents from accessing your website. This is particularly useful if your market is limited to a certain region and you notice most attacks are coming from a certain country/continent.

You can download the module at which is currently in Release Candidate. We have tested it for potential security issues.

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